Buy Fearless

Buying used cars has always been intimidating for buyers. But no need to worry now! If you are planning to import used cars, you have come to the right place. We are presenting an easiest and effective way of buying Japanese used cars. There are a lot of challenges the buyers might face when it comes to doing business with the used car dealer. Is the fear of ending up with an unreliable car dealing company scares you? Have you already checked the used vehicles for Sale but aren’t sure how to negotiate the price and settle the perfect deal? Well, this platform is for you.

We’re “Buy Fearless Motors”

We are creating an entirely new way to buy cars……a way to help you buy without fear.

Buying a car? ………..Buy Fearless

Import Fearless

We’re creating an entirely new way to import used cars…..a way to help you import without fear.Importing used cars is traditionally in the too hard basket for most people… you don’t know what you’re buying, who you are buying it from….or if the car even exists…
When you work with us to import your new vehicle we take the fear out of importing.

Want a new car? Import Fearless

Finance Fearless

Fearless Finance enables people from all walks of life with the opportunity to buy. The main aim of is to ensure that the users get a hassle-free importing experience. There is no denying that fearless finance allows people to stay confident and deal with the sellers in the best way possible. This is what our company wants for you. We understand how hard it might be for you to import Japanese cars or buy other such quality used vehicles. We are here to make your used car purchase and importing experience the best one you would have ever had.

Do you have financial issues? Fret not! We at buy fearless motors are here to cater to all your requirements within a limited period of time.

We work with you to find a solution because we care about your ability to afford repayments and to enjoy the motor vehicle purchasing experience “without fear”.
If you have credit issues, or have recently migrated to NZ, we welcome your enquiry.
Upon approval we will supply the right car to suit your budget and needs.
For affordable finance and happy motoring… Finance Fearless.

Finance without fear.

Coming Soon...

Here are some of the cars we are lining up to import from Japan… If you like these or have a specific make and model you are after, please contact us to see how we can help you import the car you want without fear.